Astronomy Online: Visiting Volcanoes in Space

Friday, May 7, 2021

Rendering depicts the surface of the moon with two bright streams of lava flowing across the surface. An artist’s concept of the Moon's ancient, active volcanic surface, looking south across Oceanus Procellarum—the giant basin known as the “man-in-the-moon”. The lunar plain is bordered by rift valleys that are now buried beneath the Moon’s surface but were once filled with lava. 
Courtesy of NASA/Colorado School of Mines/MIT/JPL/GSFC
On Earth, volcanoes are emblems of our dynamic planet. But volcanoes aren’t unique to our world.   

Scientists have discovered hundreds of volcanoes throughout our solar system, including on Mercury, Mars, Io, Enceladus, and even on Pluto! 

Uncover the mysteries lying beneath the surface and discover all that volcanoes can reveal about the evolution of worlds beyond earth.   

Join Museum Curator Denton Ebel and planetary scientist Marina Gemma on an interactive, live spaceflight to our solar system’s volcanic “hot-spots” using the OpenSpace visualization platform. 

Bring your most burning questions about volcanoes for scientists to answer live and on screen! 

How to Watch

Join the YouTube livestream on Friday, May 7, at 1 pm ET. Link coming soon.

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