Thank You, Museum Pandemic Relief and Recovery Donors

The American Museum of Natural History gratefully honors donors supporting our pandemic relief and recovery.

The timely generosity of the following donors has helped the Museum advance its critical mission in science and education during this challenging period.

Shaiza Rizavi and Jonathan Friedland
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Denning, The Sage Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Mrs. Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff, The Howard Phipps Foundation
Joseph and Carson Gleberman
The William Randolph Hearst Foundation
The Pussycat Foundation
Virginia Hearst Randt and Dana Randt
Kitty and Thomas L. Kempner, Jr.
Alexandra and Greg Mondre
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Morgens, The Wildwood Foundation
Anne and Charles H. Mott
Valerie and Jeffrey Peltier, Speyer Family Foundation
Linda R. Macaulay
Consolidated Edison Company of New York
Janet C. Ross, J and AR Foundation
Donna and Ephraim Greenwall Family and Susan MacGrath
Norman S. and Joanne B. Matthews
Mary Beth and Peter Weinberger
Laura B. Whitman and Thomas C. Danziger
Traphagen Foundation
Alice and Lorne Michaels
Robert F. Gossett, Jr.
Maggie and Robert Boroujerdi
Chase and Stephanie Coleman
Julian Robertson, Robertson Foundation
Connie and Ted Roosevelt
The Barker Welfare Foundation
Cheryl and Blair Effron
Mr. Andrew Right
Katherine and John Bleckman
Nandita and John Glazer
Kathryn O. Greenberg
Lynette and Richard Jaffe, The Jaffe Family Foundation
Mr. Seth Cohen
Ms. Elena Ende and Mr. Seth Kaplowitz
Ms. Naomi O. Seligman and Mr. Ernest M. Von Simson
Ellen K. and Lawrence R. Gross
Corrin Yep and Ned Solot 
Mr. Daniel W. Shelley
Nina Rumbough
Mary and Garrett Moran
Amy Jacobsson
Linnea Roberts
Zubatkin Owner Representation, LLC
Nancy A. Garvey
The Mai Family Foundation
Amanda Davis Lister
Philip F. Anschutz, The Anschutz Foundation
The Leon Levy Foundation
Barbara Manocherian, Amir & Rosita Manocherian Family Foundation

Rubin-Ladd Foundation
Josefin and Paul Hilal
Ms. Mariana Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Jelisavcic
Ashley and Kevin Gundersen
John R. Robinson and Barbara Robinson Family
Zeldin Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Imran Siddiqui
Lisa and Dick Cashin
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Guffey
Abigail Solomon and Jason Teuscher
Mrs. Philip A. Straus
Dr. Margaret Schottstaedt
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
Joan B. Cohen
Gillian Steel
Alex Steel Scott
Barbara Page and John Liu
Ms. Phlyssa Koshland
Robert W. and Donna T. Whiteford
Helen and Kenneth Cowin
Dr. Joel Cracraft
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Rosenthal
Mr. Frederick Elghanayan and Mrs. Diana Elghanayan
Ms. Margaret Carter
Ms. Jennifer Glyphis
Jacqueline M. Garrett
Dr. James M. Felser
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Droppa
Dr. and Mrs. David Kinne
Madeleine Richard
Genevieve L. Tom
Edie Blair
Kathleen A. Testaverde
Coke Anne and Jarvis Wilcox
Martha Feltenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Beattie
Emily Frick
Denise Maroney
Thomas P. Jones
Ms. Josephine A. Merck
Elisabeth de Picciotto
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Beard
Mary Jacobs and Elaine Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hinchcliffe
Larry and Jill Feldman
Reverend and Mrs. C. Frederick Buechner
The Lambert Family
Mr. Meyer Frucher and Ms. Florence Frucher
Stephen and Madeline Anbinder
Ms. Laila Worrell and Mr. Michael Hulbert
Ms. Elizabeth Barton
Ms. Amy Lederer and Ms. Debra Berns
Nina Chen
Ms. Valerie Valdes and Mr. Leslie Valdes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reyes Larocca
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Stechert
Mr. and Mrs. Amish Jani
Ms. Marianne Lake and Miss Zoila Espinoza
Ms. Nancy Kirksey and Mr. Kristi Kirksey
Dr. Steve Waldman
Ms. Joan Glatman
Salil Seshadri
Ms. Amy Berne
Ashley Kurian
Tracey Huff
Tiger Baron Foundation
Ms. Ashley Waters Gundersen and Ms. Eileen Waters
Dr. Philip Livingston
John and Nandita Glazer
Dr. Leslie Howard
Mr. John Bessonette and Mrs. Ginger Thames
Mr. James T. B. Tripp and Ms. Caroline M. Tripp
Ms. Ichin Zinn
Mr. Peter Wexler and Ms. Deborah Wexler
Judy Rasmuson
Ms. Susan B. Lindenauer and Mr. Arthur Lindenauer
Ms. Lynn Ellen Hopkins and Ms. Kathy MaGaw
Mrs. Judith A. McGrath and Ms. Anna Corbett
Ms. Eileen S. Silvers and Mr. Richard Bronstein
Ms. Lisa H. Keaton and Mr. John J. Harmon

Ms. Joyce Kung
Mr. Christopher Keber and Ms. Jacqueline Keber
Mr. Christopher Renaud
Ms. Su-Jean Hwang and Mr. Christopher Tso
Ms. Alexis Stewart
Melissa Hawks
Ms. Catherine Hui and Mr. Andrew Shih
Rolande M. Borno
Olga Gashinsky and Colin Trovato
Tatiana Serafin and Mick Kalishman
Ms. Erin Wertz
Margaret Sieck
Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy
Roger Juan Maldonado
Bicky and George Kellner
Dr. Marcia Bull and Mr. A. Bliss McCrum
Will and Mary Leland
Heather and Robert Gallivan
Mr. and Mrs. Len Poliandro
David J. Lowenstein
Constance Hoguet Neel
Mr. William Himwich and Dr. Letitia Carlson
Mr. David H. De Weese and Ms. Anne C. Heller
Dr. Mary Anne Wilkinson and Mr. Bill E. Samelson
Ms. Paula McGuinness
Mr. Richard B. Mott and Ms. Margery L. Mott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Hurley, Jr.
Ms. Molly Rau
Dr. Richard J. Kessler and Dr. Luba Kessler
Mr. Richard Gere and Ms. Alejandra Gere
Ms. Elizabeth A. Meyer
Mr. John Peters and Ms. Helga Borck
Honorable Susan S. Danoff and Mr. Martin A. Danoff
Dr. Cornelius Grove and Ms. Christine M. Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. McKean
Ms. Katherine Welch and Mr. Clement Wallace
Christina Wang 
Tracy Florack
Mr. Robert E. Taylor
Kristina M. Capiak
Mrs. Katia I. Schlienger and Mr. Jeremy Wood
Jean Castelli
Alexandra Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jeff Spiegel
Mr. David W. Kadio-Morokro and Ms. Rosie Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Miranda
Victoria Feltman
Ms. Jenni Punt and Ms. Kendra Allman
Ms. Judith Schwartz and Ms. Lauren Wilkins
Mr. Neil L. Inglis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Munching
Ms. Laura Rosen
Ms. Katie Qutub and Mr. Colman Qutub
Mr. Ed Sproles
Mr. Jeffrey Kessler and Mr. Andrew Kessler
Mr. Ryan Baker and Ms. Tanya Baker
Ms. Jessica W May and Mr. Barry May
Dr. Joseph Masci
Ms. Clemence Boissonnas and Mr. Gregory Molin
Mr. Donald Scardino and Ms. Dana Williams
Mr. Andrew Baruch
Mr. Jeffrey Bloom and Ms. Rebecca Bloom
Ms. Lauren T. Jupiter and Mr. Michael Jupiter
Dr. John Bravman
Ms. Jacqueline Jaber
Ms. Amy Comer and Ms. Catherine Dixon
Mr. Valar Mihan and Mr. Noah Mihan
Mr. Roberto Thompson Motta
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Weitz
Mr. Joel DiLorenzo
Mr. Scott Woodruff and Ms. Ashley Woodruff
Ms. Portia Bock
Mr. Jeremy Jackson
Ms. Dianne Weisselberg
Mr. Robert Hill
Susan and Elihu Rose
Cash and Betty Baxter
Mr. Michael L. Hirschfeld and Ms. Gabrielle Hirschfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Henning
Mr. Richard Howard and Mr. Marc Howard
Mr. Eric Goldstein and Ms. Rebecca Kleban
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Levit
Ms. Kathleen Courtis and Mr. Felipe Gonzalez
At Tyau
Ms. Linda Jones
Mr. Owen Traeholt
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roth
Mr. Yoseph Feit and Ms. Edith Gross
Mr. Fernando Pena and Ms. Catherine Pena
Ms. Karen Molleson and Mr. Lowell Hill
Ms. Berniece Patterson and Mr. Pat Patterson
Ms. Virginia Johnson
Drs. Evan and Susan Lipsitz
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Kolb
Nancy C. Cooper
Ms. Constance Brown
Mr. Mortimer B. Fuller
Mrs. and Mr. Helen Kultgen
Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Le-Quoc
Mr. Dechen Bhutia
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holo
Dr. Susan Bockenhauer
Ms. Bianca Brandon and Dr. Mark Brandon
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Turnbull
Mr. Robin Stout and Ms. Elise Wagner
Mr. Ralph Maust
Ms. Susannah Gardiner and Mr. David Kornblau
Ms. Rosemary Levine
Mr. Kirby Kwok
Ellen J. Myers
Mr. Robert Plows and Ms. Betsy Werley
Ms. Marian Pardo and Mr. Michael Toonkel
Ms. Kelsey Johnson
Mr. Adam Falk
Ms. Susan Kane
Ms. Kristin Thieling-DiRico and Ms. Zoe DiRico
Miss Kiran Soni and Miss Lori Soni
Mr. Paul Baietto
Ms. Laura J. Mosso
Mr. Peter March
Richard and Lynn Bakst
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Frishman
Mr. and Mrs. David Snoddy
Madeleine Bennett
Alexander and Catherine Traykovski
Linda J. Starzman
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Caspersen
Allison Whipple Rockefeller
Alexandra Koeppel
Maria C. Wirth
Mrs. E. Paul Mortimer
Antonia P. DuBrul
Beth Marie Reifers
Betsy Donovan Nolan 
Caroline Merison
Ms. Valerie Doyle and Mr. David Doyle
Ariadne Calvo-Platero
Alison Strong
Jacqueline Ahern
Beverly Sonnenborn
Virginia Tracy
Arden D. Down
Stacey Burt
Margaret R. Gorrie
Rebecca Bagdonas, MD
Dr. Mathew Colona and Ms. Carrie Colona
Mr. Charles Rothera
Ms. Marilyn Monter
Mr. Yoo Chung and Ms. Inae Lim
Ms. Laura Bonita and Mr. David Bonita
Ms. Deborah Soyak
Dr. and Dr. David Hill
Mr. Andrew Wade
Mr. Mel Schwarz
Dr. Elke Geacintov
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schechter
Mr. Dennis J. Picker
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard N. Robinowitz
Ms. Terese Katz
Mr. Kenneth J. Morgan
Mr. Jeffry Gottfried
Mr. and Mrs. John Reinertsen
Rebecca Birch
Ms. Laura Mitterman and Ms. Joyce Wong
Elizabeth Yanev
Mr. and Mrs. John Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Philipson
Mr. Britton Fisher and Ms. Melina Fisher
Mr. Edward Rice III and Ms. Maura Gallagher
Dr. Lawrence J. Baskind and Ms. Jill Peters
Mr. John E. Katsoulaki
Jeff and Jieun Nitka
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Abraham
Mr. Michael E. Lesk and Ms. Ann B. Lesk
Ms. Maria M. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Weidman
Ms. Priscilla Goss
Mr. Larry Shamis and Mr. Cory Shamis
Mr. Thomas J. MacDermott
Ms. Catherine Boursier and Mr. Roy Goodman
Ms. Nancy Diaz and Mr. Russell Diaz
Ms. Sheena Loc and Mr. Albert Louie
Mr. Oliver Karlin and Ms. Hemmendy Nelson
Ms. Caroline Cruise and Mr. David Stonehill
Mr. Brian Cook
Ms. Jordana Schwartz and Mr. Matthew Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Krystel
Ms. Susan Worster and Dr. Bruce Worster
Ms. Rebecca Tadikonda and Mr. Madhu Tadikonda
Mr. Jordan A. Young and Mrs. Lily Lu
Ms. Janet McClintock and Mr. John Imle
Mr. Richard Kayne and Dr. C.M. Pyle
Mr. Bhaskar Gopalakrishnan and Ms. Paulette Bailey
Ms. Laura Muha and Dr. Beryl Taylor
Ms. Jean Nevins
Ms. Kathy Hammell and Ms. Elizabeth Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Chase
Mrs. Valerie Kadish-Magnus and Mr. Neal Magnus
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bierbauer
Ms. Abby Jo Sigal and Ms. Teresa Alvarez
Mr. Nicholas Bishop and Ms. Michelle Bishop
Ms. Megan Gimbel and Mr. James Gimbel
Mr. Herbert Persky
Mr. and Mrs. Merl C. Hokenstad, Jr.
Ms. Miranda Salomon and Mr. Lawrence Pearson
Dr. Elaine Cong and Mr. Edward Cong
Mr. John Bramlett
Ms. Margaret Hilton-Simon
Ms. Theresa Dresbach
Ms. Stacy Scott
Ms. Reva Hart and Mr. Steve Beagle
Ms. Anita Brickell
Dr. Sean Devine
Dr. Keith Minnich
Princeton Legal Search Group, LLC
Mrs. Cornelia Woelders and Mr. Dalco Coppoolse
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Badinger
Mr. Goncalo Abecasis
Prof. Dylan Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kluft
Ms. J. E. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Matthias Loewenberg
Ms. Deyanira Olthof
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Von Ancken
Mr. Byron Collie and Ms. Danielle Hessel
Mr. Lawrence Fruchtman
Mr. James Flynn
Mr. Daniel Krupinsky
Ms. Susan Geelan
Ms. Tiffany Nicolas
Severin Fowles
Mr. Henry Harrison
Ms. Elizabeth Hastings
Ms. Samantha Brown
Ms. Alexandra Nicholas
Mr. Thad Brown
Ms. Susan Choe
Ms. Linda Thompson
Mr. Yorgos Strangas
Mr. Keith Ramig
Mr. Martin Holmes
Mr. Elias Wieczoreck
Mr. John Gilbert
Ms. Margaret L. Hudson
Ms. Cindy Geyer
Mr. Dan Ion
Sarah M. Belz
Mr. Dominic Ricci and Ms. Jennifer Stalec
Ms. Nancy O'Donohue
Dr. Margo Cohen and Mr. Michael Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Shaman
Ms. Natalia Good
Mr. David N. Bradford
Ms. Berry Mullennix
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Eaton
Ms. Kathryn Whitlock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Kane
Mr. David A. Brauner
Mr. Robert Watt and Ms. Dawn Bradford-Watt
Mr. Matthew Goldberg and Ms. Maria Zuckerman
Mr. Bernard Salanie and Ms. M. Waleria
Mr. Michael Murphy
Mr. Scott Helbing and Ms. Cyndi Winterkamp
Ms. Michaela Constantiner and Ms. Vilma Zareno Mendiola
Mr. Thack Brown and Mrs. Andreia Bevilacqua
Ms. Julie Smythe
Mr. Charles W. Dodge
Mr. Philip Stein
Mrs. Meghan McCormack Carney and Ms. Diana J. Kalman
Ms. Anne Milgram
Dr. Tony Chen and Ms. Agata Krzyzanowska
Ms. Karen Senter
Mr. John Cole and Ms. Mary Wheat
Mr. James Tully
Mr. Samuel M. Feldman, Gretchen V. & Samuel M. Feldman Private Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Connor W. Schell and Ms. Melissa Crandall
Mr. Alton G. Hudson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Chait
Mr. Wazir Ibrahim
Mrs. Shelly Gagnon
Ms. Bonnie Gale and Mr. Alan Christenfeld
Mr. Steven P. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Katz
Dr. and Mrs. David Rabinowitz
Ms. Katharine B. Morgan
Dr. Michael Malagold
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Walter
Ms. Sally Kleberg
Ms. Mary Ogorzaly
Mrs. Emily B. Nissley
Mrs. Virginia K. Stowe
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Farmakis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Furgiuele
Mr. Larry Kirstein and Dr. Jane Karp, M.D.
Mr. Lars Hanson and Mrs. Rosanne Levitre
Ms. Nicholas Cafritz
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Schwartz
Mr. Ken Fishman and Ms. Sheryl Deblinger
Mr. Kelly Lim and Mrs. Nicole Lee
Mrs. E. K. Carpenter
Ms. Rosemary Konno and Mr. Juan Konno
Ms. Diana Phillips and Mr. Max Pavan
Dr. Miguel G. Echevarria
Ms. Waltraud Ireland and Mr. Bernard Rice
Ms. Wendy G. Browning-Lynch and Mr. Randy Lynch
Ms. Elaine Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mones
Mr. Boris Krugman
Mr. Allen Kassman
Dr. Michael Hockstein and Mr. David Hockstein
Mr. Lee Calhoun
Mr. David Zaretsky and Ms. Amy Sokoloff
Mr. Frances Tibbits
Mr. Patrick Mitchell
H.C. Hillier
Mr. Joel S. Truman and Mrs. Sara Lustigman
Ms. Deborah S. Bernstein
Ms. Toby Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Louw
Ms. Carol Carpenter
Ms. Julie Robbins and Ms. Phebe Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richards
Mr. Roy M. Havenhill and Ms. Kay C. Havenhill
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Crippin
Ms. Anna M. Shishido
Mr. Steven A. Klar, Steven A. Klar Foundation
Mr. Neal D. Prince
Ms. Clare Sherwood and Mr. Henry M. Cohn
Ms. Heidi Fiske
Mr. James E. Beckman
Ms. Carol Hageman
Ms. Vicki Kroviak and Mr. Stephen Grieder
Mr. Gregory Goslow
Mr. Thomas J. Volz and Mr. Stephen Volz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. McCall
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Lazar
Ms. Grace E. Suttle
Dr. Josephine C. Yeh and Mr. Terence Yeh
Mr. Dale Shields
Ms. Jessica Genter and Mr. Robert Genter
Dr. Lisa Wiechmann and Ms. Ligaya Tropiano
Mr. David M. Siegal and Mr. Jonathan H Siegal
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Donahue
Mr. Paul Pansini and Ms. Christine Pansini
Mr. Lucas Messina and Ms. Linda Messina
Mrs. Ekaterina Pechekhonova and Dr. Andrew Yershov
Ms. Jill Abrams
Mr. Warren Caywood and Ms. Anne Caywood
Mr. Christopher Decruze
Ms. Julie-Ann Lawrence and Ms. Carlene Miller
Ms. Linzy Anderson
Mr. Stanley Fine
Mr. Barry P. Allen and Ms. Heidi S. Allen
Mr. Leonard Pilo and Ms. Diana Huie
Ms. Tahlia Rainbolt
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Terrell
Ms. Jill Klindt
Mr. Jonathan Lu
Ms. MaryJane Boland and Dr. Daniel Picard
Ms. Shirley Raps
Mr. Victor P. Bradford and Ms. Roberta Bradford
Mrs. Valerie Hansen and Mr. James Stepanek
Mr. John Franco
Ms. Laurie Eddleston
Mr. Carleton Davenport
Ms. Jennifer Ramos
Ms. Catherine Snopkowski
Spodek Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rowan
Dr. Mark Habercom
Ms. Tatyana Scotce and Mr. Jason Celovsky
Mr. James J. Bieker
Mr. Jarrell Wicker
Ms. Linda Swearengen and Mr. James Swearengen
Mr. Scott Wells
Mr. Joseph A. Salgado
Mr. Robert Young
Mr. David Kleinberg-Levin
Mr. Edward Simmons
Mr. Stephen Robbins
J. Chobor and W. Tarakajian
Mr. Steven Smedresman and Ms. Elyce Smedresman
Mr. Arthur D. Tenenholtz
Ms. Nicole A. Kawachi and Mr. Edward Nieves
Dr. and Mrs. Jordan Rosenstock
Ms. Betty A. Walrond
Ms. Lisa Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Gourdin
Mr. Daniel Lees and Mr. Victor Wu
Ms. Sybil Cotler
Mr. Steven Rosenzweig and Ms. Jennifer Rosenzweig
Mr. and Mrs. Amit Rind
Mr. Chung Hui Kuan and Mung Yo Sheu
Mr. Mark Dawson
Mr. Michael King and Ms. Sophie Farigoul
Ms. Heather Pirnak
Ms. Owiso Makuku and Ms. Estelle Sonya Makuku
Ms. Victoria Chen
Mr. Peter Wanderer and Ms. Judy Wanderer
Mr. Zachary Mirman
Ms. Kirsty Olivier
Ms. A. Robin Spiegelman
Drs. Terrence and Ann Bogard
Mrs. Mellissa Mathews
Ms. Margaret Hazard and Ms. Davin Hazard
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Leonard
W. Leslie Duffy
Robin Miyamoto
Mr. Michael Theil
Mr. Mark Stein and Ms. Michele Stein
Ms. Claudia Cappio
Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. Charles Curiano
Ms. Debra Robinson and Mr. Brian Robinson
Ms. Dina Amin
Mr. Qi Hang
Mr. Joseph Lattanzi
Mr. Edward Chin and Ms. Elizabeth Merrick
Ms. Anne V. Shutkin
Ms. Elizabeth J. Shutkin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Goodman
Ralph K. Heide
Ms. Victoria Greenleaf
Ms. Stephanie Golden and Mr. Erik Gilbert
Ms. Patricia Collins
Mr. Joseph M. Winger and Ms. Jane Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schwartz
Mr. Edward H. Wright
Ms. Mary Vann Hughes and Dr. Amanda E Finley
Ms. Athanasia Lazos and Ms. Kathleen Hager
Ms. Marjorie Phillips and Mr. Harry Phillips III
Mr. Thomas Colgan and Ms. Claudia Colgan
Dr. Lorraine C. Smith
Ms. Mitra Behroozi and Mr. Chris Renaud
Mr. John Pintar and Ms. Priscilla Lincoln
Mr. Michael Goudket
Ms. Germaine L. Hodges
Ms. Kristana Arp
Mr. James McKay and Ms. Lisa McKay
Dr. Reid Leonard and Dr. Debra Leonard
Mr. Eric S. Mitofsky and Ms. Sandra E. Sabba
Mr. William Kemps
Mr. Christian A. Wethe and Mrs. Barbara Wethe
Ms. Eden Eskin
Ms. Ruth D. Newman and Mr. Joseph A. Newman
Mr. Michael E. Rose
Mrs. Mary Feinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Prideaux
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Connor
Ms. Barbara Miningham
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Cane
Ms. Kathryn Johnson and Mr. Marshall A. Hagins
Ms. Marie A. Turley
Ms. Anne Bookin and Mr. Daniel Bookin
Mr. Andrew Epstein
Mr. Marc Garland and Ms. Susan Whelan
Dr. Stephen Rayport and Dr. Marcia Kalin
Ms. Doris Sieck Dubac and Mr. Donald Dubac
Ms. Victoria A. Nahorn
Ms. Linda Sciuto and Mr. Arthur Hazlitt
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Widness
Mr. Robert John Schneck and Ms. Cora Fung
Mr. John D. Bloch
Ms. Emmy Grenzig and Ms. Susan Glasburgh
Mr. Andrew Nagle
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lewis
Mr. Seth A Schwartz and Ms. Leslie Smith
Dr. Zenta Walther
Mr. Peter Linz and Ms. Mica Linz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bourque
Mr. Ronnie Roubin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Donenfeld
Ms. Linda Lemiesz
Ms. Carolyn Waters and Mr. Mark Cannizzaro
Mr. Rory Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Campbell
Mr. Tom Bessoir
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lange
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Thomas
Mr. James McConnaughy
Ms. Maria Plantilla
Ms. Anna Gueorguieva and Mr. Nathan Collier
Ms. Penelope J. B. Berliner
Mr. Bruce Rosenkrantz
Mr. Allen Gottheil
Dr. Veronica Chin-Shue and Mr. Louis A. Chin-Shue
Ms. Eve Bolkin and Mrs. Julie O'Connor
Ms. Paula Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spana
Ms. Susan Fogel Lloyd and Ms. Susan A. Lloyd
Mr. Richard Maynard and Mrs. Leslie B. Maynard
Ms. Julie Song and Mr. Nick Krenteras
Ms. Anne Wolfson and Mr. Robert E. Osman
Miss Alisa Darling
Mr. and Mrs. William Phillips
Ms. Lisa M. Gloss-Lessman
Ms. and Mr. Lisette Gonzalez
Mr. Carl Johnson and Mr. Gordon Sze
Ms. Eleanora von Dehsen and Mr. Christian Von Dehsen
Mr. Robert Deak and Ms. Amy Gadol
Mr. John McCutcheon
Mr. Andrew V. McQuilling and Ms. Mirtha M. Cabral
Mrs. Patricia Lee and Mr. Joul Allen
Ms. Katherine W. Schoonover and Ms. Abigail Straus
Mr. Michael Dardia and Ms. Sarah Lubman
Ms. Tatyana Kogan
Ms. Laura Hall and Mr. Stephen P. Gill
Mr. Cary Ratner and Mr. Seth Ratner
Mrs. Frederick Toohey
Ms. Edith Oxfeld
Ms. Karen Fu and Mr. George Roos
Ms. Yvonne Brakefield Knowles
Ms. Wendy Fairfield and Mr. Daniel Fairfield
Mr. Michael May
Mr. Alexander Swirnoff and Ms. Jenifer Swirnoff
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Persky
Ms. Erika Lee and Mr. Greg Donovan
Mr. Thomas Gorrell
Mr. Trevor Schechter
Ms. Ruth Cole and Mr. Garth Ennis
Mrs. Mi J. Kim and Mr. Pracheer Bansal
Mr. Fred L. Merrill, Jr. and Mrs. Candy Merrill
Mr. William C. Reyman
Ms. Elizabeth Kennedy
Ms. Cyd Brandvein and Ms. Stephanie Fricker
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ricculli
Ms. Maria DiStasio
Mr. Stephen Feiman
Mr. Michael Abramowitz
Ms. Amanda Sevareid and Mr. Jeremy Sevareid
Mrs. Heike Doerr and Dr. Aris N. Economides
Ms. Francine Sardone
Mr. Andrew Kapochunas and Ms. Rachel Hartman
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Apfel
Mr. Kapil Sharma and Ms. Monica Goel
Ms. Sharon V. Mincy and Mr. Stanton Miller, Jr.
Ms. Mary Bell
Ms. Elisabeth Sikes
Dr. Alison Poe and Mr. Timothy T Lyons
Mr. Michael McCann
Mr. Nicola Gebendinger
Ms. Mary Jane Large and Mr. Marc Levinson
Ms. Frances Camper and Mr. Jim Rembar
Mr. Kuei Fan and Ms. Lulu Lin
Mr. Jesse Newhouse and Ms. Stephanie Newhouse
Mr. Richard Daley
Ms. Stacey Escoffery
Ms. Gina McKenna and Ms. Phyllis McKenna
Mr. Steven Town and Mr. Hayden Town
Ms. Rosemarie Devivo Miller and Ms. Licia Devivo
Mr. Robert J. Schloss and Ms. Emily M. Sack
Ms. Kathleen Gilrain and Mr. Rigoberto Portillo
Ms. Abigail K. Balbale and Mr. Musab Balbale
Mrs. C. Mclaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Cohen
Ms. Kathleen Corbett and Mr. Edward McDaniels
Ms. Patricia Hackbarth and Ms. Cynthia Little
Mrs. Genny G. Fua-DelFierro and Mr. Jonathan DelFierro
Mr. and Mrs. Rohin Hattiangadi
Ms. Lois Russell
Ms. Susanne Skrobak
M. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Woods
Ms. Lois Feinstein and Mr. Bruce Feinstein
Mr. John Bills and Mr. Farley Bills
Ms. Christina McLaughlin and Mr. Mark Lonzafane
Mr. Noah Pentelovitch and Ms. Caitlyn Carpenter
Ms. Jenna Reinen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bell
Mr. Henry Siegel
Ms. Alison Rose and Mr. Patrick Rose
Mr. John E. Bassett
Mr. Russell Miller
Ms. Jessica Robinson and Mr. Ronald Mitkowski
Ms. Allison Spadone and Mr. George Karonis
Ms. Kathryn Knox Soman and Mr. Daniel Belkin-Soman
Mr. James Cole
Mr. Arthur Steinhauer and Ms. Chatral A'Dze
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Mopsik
Ms. Nellie Gregorian and Mr. William Sandy
Mr. Wolfgang Weber and Ms. Judith Weber
Mrs. Maura Rotroff
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew VanKirk
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosen
Mr. Patrick Gallagher and Ms. Sarah Gallagher
Mr. Miles Stern and Mrs. Harriet Steiner
Mr. William Mestrandrea and Ms. Jessica Sarlin
Ms. Tamara Cunningham and Ms. Lorena Cunningham
Mr. Thomas Spinelli
Ms. Kathryn Mendelsohn and Mr. James Wilson
Dr. Andi Qipo and Mrs. Doriana Alikaj
Ms. Melissa Lader
Ms. Elysia Tan
Ms. Heather Allen
Mr. Vijay Narayanan and Mrs. Pradnya Narayanan
Dr. Numa Gottardi-Littell and Mr. Christopher Gottardi-Littell
Ms. Ethell Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Blick
Mrs. Megan Pelino
Dr. Jonathan Lang
Lady Alicia Hernandez
Mr. Edgar Linton
Ms. Karen Greene and Mr. Marcel Braithwaite
Ms. Oana Vele and Mr. Septimiu Vele
Ms. Stephanie Guerdan and Ms. Gail Shumway
Dr. Donna Farber and Mr. David A Bell
Mr. Carl Andersen and Dr. Carol Tan
Ms. Shweta Kulkarni
Ms. Sing Williams and Mr. Greg Williams
Mr. James Barrett
Ms. Janet Jackson
Ms. Maryann Norcott
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Meleky
Ms. Nora Pencola and Mr. Matt Reiley
Ms. Melinda Faulkner
Ms. Amy Lindmark
Mr. Paul-Arthur Heller and Mrs. Skye Senterfeit
Mr. Johnson Chen and Mrs. Charlene Sun
Ms. Cathy Pine and Mr. David Pine
Mr. Robert Briggs
Ms. Nancy Hughes
Ms. Miriam Bocian-Anghel and Mrs. Erika Bocian
Mr. David Schaub
Mr. Reka Letso and Ms. Margot Letso
Mr. Derek Mebus
Ms. Margaret Hadaway
Ms. Kirsten Doody and Mr. Patrick Howard
Mr. Eliot Lerman
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Crowder
Ms. Sarah Romney and Mr. Benjamin Relf
Ms. Aline Daufresne
Ms. Jennifer Saal
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Clark Montague
Mr. Nicholas Theodos and Ms. Stephanie Theodos
Mr. Marco Morais and Ms. Caitlin Morais
Mr. John Goodson and Ms. Merissa Dzau
Ms. Jennifer R. Gorman and Mr. Robert Gorman
Ms. Penny McCook and Mr. David McKee
Mr. Nathan Rich Peterson and Ms. Miriam Peterson
Mr. Jon Orloff and Ms. Jean Scholtz
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Franklin
Mr. Jason Song and Ms. Katie Park
Ms. Jessica Veith and Mr. Sid Mehta
Ms. Rosemarie Marino
Mr. John Robinson and Mrs. Shannon Robinson
Mr. Sanford Krieger and Mr. Paul Krieger
Ms. Shawna Mattison
Mr. James Ashton and Ms. Morgan Levine
Ms. Catherine Tyrrell and Mr. Kevin Tyrrell
Ms. Michelle Burg and Mr. Blake Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Per Rappaport
Mr. Thomas Connors and Dr. Courtney Juliano
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Driscoll
Ms. Heather Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Humberto Reboredo
Dr. Chaya Diertani
Ms. Tonya Yao
Mr. Deqiang Hu and Mrs. Yuan Li
Mr. Jean Pierre Sursock
Ms. Betsy Gifford
Mr. Alec Turk and Ms. Frances Flint
Mr. and Mrs. Luisel Otero
Mr. Keith Shiner
Mr. and Mrs. Cole Rigney
Prof. Rachel Humphrey
Mr. Stephen Constantine and Mr. George Wittman
Mr. John Halpin
Mr. Zachary Topkis
Ms. Susan Smith and Mr. Seamus O’Mahoney
Ms. Eva Orsi
Ms. Sandra Felt
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Rosenzweig
Ms. Laura Docter
Mr. Stefan Mazur
Ms. Judy Roberts
Ms. Jacklyn Yang
Mr. Elihu Dietz
Teal Reed
Giulio Andrea Franco
Ms. Alexandria Sobin
Mr. James Denton
Shaheed Khan
Ms. Mary Elliott
Kewei Zhou
Mr. John Senn
Mr. Paritosh Keertikar
Ms. Adriana Rizzo
Mr. David Ford
Ms. Kristen Ying
Ms. Jeanine Rasulo
Mr. Ronald Fischer
Ms. Lorena Uriarte
Ms. Michelle Gurule
Ms. Aasiya Glover
Ms. Emily Lee
Nir Amsel
Mr. Gerard Cariffe
Ms. Wendy Giman
Danian Gong
Mr. Kevin Dwyer
Ms. Nathalie Collard-McCoy
Ms. Sophia Merkin
Mr. Matthew Trudeau
Sheuli Mitra
Mr. Carlos Fierro
Mr. David Schaefer
Mr. Oren Kessler
Ms. Joanna Tracy
Ms. Jennifer Lien Will
Mr. Edith Allison
Ms. Kathleen Wright
Ms. Ricki Vantosh
Mr. Miguel Mejia
Ms. Prachi Deshpande
Mr. Richard Elmer
Mr. Vincent Auger
Mr. Eugene Fichter
Asako Nagakura
Mr. Timothy Sullivan
Mailing Wu
Ms. Maria De Urquijo
Ms. Ann Van Tassel
Mr. Michael Malixi
Ms. Danielle Brown
Ms. Camera Ford
Astor Garcia
Ms. Barbara Pushee
Mr. Alex Guacci
Jennell LeBlanc
Jiajing Qiu
Mr. Anthony McClure
Ms. Kerry Hughes
Ms. Barbara James
Mr. Jeff Galvani
Mr. Manjunath Shivanna
Ms. Bilge Ebiri
Mr. Samir Vaidya
Ms. Angela Clark
Mr. Federico Guzman
Ms. Christina Latina
Ms. Cheryl Bergenstock
Ms. Liz Burger
Ms. Elizabeth Levine
Mr. Rodrigo Salazar
Yunfei Mi
Mr. Mark Kline
Ms. Helen Bayly
Mr. Joannah Keats
Ms. Erin Humbaugh
Mr. Tom Porcher
Mr. Steven Koelln
Allyn Dunn
Ms. Amina Zarrugh
Ms. Virginia Dato
Ms. Sarah McGill
Ms. Mary Kay Jeynes
Ms. Emma Bloch
Mr. William Howard
Kriti Kaur
Ms. Carolina Padilla
Ms. Teresa Wong
Aundrey Azeez
Ms. Rose Ventimiglia
Ms. Jo Merchant
Mr. Howard Szarfarc
Ms. Samantha Asby
Mr. David Israeli
Ms. Ruth E. Stark
Mr. John Cates
Ms. Tanya Luhrmann
Mr. William Krupinsky
Ms. Joyce Frost
Ms. Maureen Gallagher
Mr. Alejandro Berrios
Ms. Shirley Madewell
Mr. Evan Norbom
Caroline King
Mr. Armen Daniyelian
Mrs. Caroline A. Steele
Julie Kohn and Dan Swift
Mr. Zachary Barash
Mr. Richard Steinberg
Ms. Jo L. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. John Mauk
Ms. Sally W. Williams
Ms. Ann Cardone
Mr. Jerry Pyle and Ms. Cynthia Pyle
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Heerde and Ms. Alison Stelzer
Mr. Eric Goldring and Mr. Devin Goldring
Mr. Rui Deng and Mr. Xiaonan Hou
Mr. Kevin Connors
Ms. Monica Panzani and Mr. Vadim Khazatsky
Dr. Patricia E. Cassin
Ms. Lucinda W. Burke
Dr. David Westerfeld
Mr. K.W. Hanson
Mr. James L. Davis and Ms. Carol F. Comstock
Mr. Enoch Lipson and Ms. Amy Lipson
Mr. Gerald Schieber and Mrs. Joan Schieber
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ford-Hutchinson
Mr. David Sleight
Ms. Marian Lubinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund L. Resor
Mr. Thomas Von Foerster
Ms. Kelly Nitka
Mr. Douglass Loud
Ms. Katherine G. Raftery and Mr. Richard Reiss
Dr. Sean T. Devine and Ms. Clare E. Devine
Ms. Electra Yourke
Ms. Anne Richardson
Ms. Deborah Kapell and Mr. Daniel Tinkelman
Ms. Dolores Colgan
Ms. Sarah Gronningsater and Mr. Matthew Hellmann
Dr. and Ms. Anthony Ratkowski
Mr. David Burns and Ms. Debra Dout
Mr. Charles Inglefield
Ms. Dianne Howard
Mr. James B. Loftus
Ms. Irene Majuk and Mrs. Amy Stanfield
Dr. Fredericka Bell-Berti
Mr. Samuel Silverman and Mrs. Francine Silverman
Ms. Nancy Lupton
Ms. Marjorie Adams and Mr. Brian Sullivan
Ms. George Ann Skandis and Mr. Frank Singer
Mrs. Judy Cheng and Mr. Kevin Song
Ms. Judith Koch
Dr. Paul Good and Dr. Heidi Good
Ms. Madelyn Fink and
Ms. Marlene Palyca
Ms. Nancy Pech
Mr. Jonathan Spector
Mr. Steven Trigili
Ms. Noemi Moore
Mr. Gregory Haid
Ms. Janet Sullo
Ms. Ann Gaba
Ms. Helene Sajer
Ms. Janna Greene
Mr. Andrew Wolin
Ms. Maria Villanueva
Ms. Kelly Dechristopher
Mr. Anthony Mehle
Mr. Rong Xu
Ms. Debra Jakubovitz
Mr. Anthony Misiano
Ms. Adrienne Laws
Mr. Sijing Cheng
Mr. Nader Shirazie
Ms. Stephanie Alimonti
Mr. Jousoot Chung
Ms. Rebecca Bakunin
Mr. Robert Moy and Ms. Shishuang Wang
Ms. Deborah K. Heineman and Mr. Joshua Scaglione
Ms. Elaine E. Dye
Ms. Julie Martens
Dr. Marshall Primack and Ms. Sabina Primack
Ms. Alexandra Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Grinstein
Mr. Ken Wolff and Ms. Dorothy Wolff
Ms. Ann Reynolds and Mr. Rob Debutts
Mr. Barry Zimmerman
Ms. Nada Boustany and Mr. Paul Westbrook
Mr. Mark Faulkner
Ms. Lan Jiang
Dr. Yin-Po Tschang
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Wendt
Ms. Aglaia Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Gluck, The Joseph Gluck Foundation
Mr. Irwin M. Weisbrot
Ms. Lynda LaSalandra
Mr. Steve Trevisan and Ms. Kimberly Trevisan
Mr. Matt Pavelle and Ms. Tatyana Kushner
Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Weber
Ms. Irit Zichor and Mr. Elad Schanin
Mrs. Bonnie S. Ledbetter
Ms. Ann Kenney and Mr. John D. Kenney III
Ms. K. M. Reed
Ms. Nadine Treon
Mr. Sundar Natarajan
Mr. and Mrs. Terence A. Milligan
Ms. Claudia Hamilton
Mr. Bayard D. Rea
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Gordon
Dr. Eileen Woo and Dr. Lecon Woo
Dr. Robert Pfeffer and Ms. Wilma Pfeffer
Mrs. Julia Miller and Mr. Dave Romano
Ms. Daphne Bramble
Mr. Jose Jimenez
Mr. George A. Wood
Mr. John Mannion
Mr. Edward Gray
Mr. Vincent K. Eng
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Patricia Juell
Mr. Ronald Forlenza and Mrs. Susan Forlenza
Mr. Choon Peng Toh and Mr. Mui Nyuk Seow
Mr. Gene Bezuevsky and Mrs. Julia Reytblat
Mrs. Maria Farias and Mr. Carlos Haro
Mr. Paul L. Bourdeau
Mr. Drew Lusk and Mx Nyima Dolma
Dr. Thomas Laduke and Dr. Jill Pruetz
Ms. Nora L. Gibson and Mr. William L. Hudson
Mr. Russell Sublette
Mr. John O. Mirick
Mr. Vincent Zito
Mr. Justin Brodersen
Mr. Frederick Siegal
Ms. Jessica Fedor
Mr. Thomas Corso
Ms. Chelsea Baumgartner
Ms. Julia Devine
Mr. and Mrs. Lovell Wiggins
Mr. Nathan A. Thornburgh and Ms. Julia Iwamasa
Ms. Cynthia Holden
Mr. Jesse H. Stiller and Ms. Deborah Stiller
Mr. Stephen Montag
Mr. Robert E. Strawbridge III
Ms. Valerie Burns and Ms. Nyasha Jawahir
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pisha
Ms. Pao-Zun Tsai
Mr. Peter M. Price
Mr. Fernando Rivas
Mr. Alan H. Draeger and Ms. Kathy Mai
Mr. William Sanders
Ms. Carla Lagrassa
Mr. Joseph Schoenberg and Ms. Barbara Schoenberg
Ms. Monica Sands
Ms. Noelle Collet
Ms. Heather Axen
Mr. Roger Scholl
Ms. Kira Biber
Mr. Bhaskara Rupakula
Ms. Joyce Russo
Ms. Nguyen Rivera
Dr. Jeanne L. Rosenthal
Ms. Zita Bar
Mr. Joshua Paul
Ms. Kathleen Scott
Mr. Robert L. Hoover
Ms. Anju Dubey
Ms. Cynthia K. Evans
Dr. Faith Menken
Mr. John Flory
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Darrah Thomas
Ms. Mona F. Freedman
Mr. Muath Alwari
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Swedowsky
Mary and Bill Buzby
Mr. Morris Thatcher
Ms. Mariana Lopez de Sharff and Mr. Marc Sharff
Ms. Marilyn Voegele
Ms. Sumaira Chowdhury
Rabbi Juliana Karol and Mr. Adam Karol
Mr. Peter Meyer
Mr. Adam Carapella
Mr. Richard Mathias
Mr. Damian Bruno
Mr. David Rawitz
Mr. David Reynolds
Mr. Paulo Sergio Moreira Fonseca
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Ramdas
Ms. Jennie E. Russo and Mr. Lalo Reale
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Cordero
Mr. Charles Ellison and Ms. Jen Ellison
Ms. Sabrina Doherty
Mr. Robert Bauer and Ms. Jennie Sparandara
Ms. Pamela Roderick
Mr. Dana Levin
Ms. Kristine A. Floryan
Mr. Scott Love and Mrs. Anna Skiandos
Ms. Judith Osterman and Mr. Steve Grossman
Ms. Lynne Dujmovich
Dr. Carol A. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Guy K. Moffat
Mr. Gregory F. Hauser
Mr. Theodore Gurnowski
Dr. William Head and Mrs. Kathleen Head
Mr. Stuart Katchen and Ms. Livia Katchen
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Payne
Ms. Wanda Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Judd
Ms. Barbara Gsovski and Mr. Daniel Gsovski
Mr. David S. Cronen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Kusic
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller
Dr. Marvin Nierenberg, M.D. and Ms. Judith Nierenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eisenstadt
Mr. Victor Schuster and Ms. Sandra K. Mas
Dr. Anne B. Clark and Dr. David S. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carras
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Siladi
Ms. Teresa K. Reid and Ms. Lauren Reid
Mrs. Dorit S. Paul
Dr. Carol Schneebaum
Mr. Benjamin Hershkowitz and Ms. Ronit Setton
Mr. Richard A. Schile
Mrs. Nancy S. Heymann and Ms. Erika Heymann
Ms. Eileen Effrat
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Niederhoffer
Ms. Katherine A. Gibson
Mr. Clarence C. McCollum
Ms. Joan Fortune and Ms. Allison Kant
Mr. William Bruce Sherrill and Mr. Robert Cordrey
Dr. Leathem Mehaffey
Dr. and Mrs. Macon Phillips
Mr. Paul A. Becker and Ms. Barbara Becker
Mr. Paul Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carragher
Victoria Voytek and Robert Fogelson
Ms. Anne Robitaille
Mr. Steven L. Eisenpreis
Mr. and Mrs. William Simpson
Mr. Anthony Mauro and Ms. Eileen Bartky
Ms. Susan Pernesiglio
Dr. Benjamin Schwartz and Dr. Michael Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Stein
Ms. Mary Trubek
Mr. Martin Rogers and Ms. Francine Rogers
Mr. Lawrence Gumpel
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Deitz
Mr. Mark Van Loon and Ms. Patty Van Loon
Mr. Melvin Woody
Mr. Sanford Friedman
Ms. Barbara Medaugh and Mr. Robert Medaugh
Mr. Robert Sinclair
Mr. Phillips Stevens, Jr.
Ms. Marta Torruella
Mr. Kenneth Raphael and Ms. Nancy Raphael
Ms. Sarah Stewart and Ms. Claire Cuno
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bonilla
Mr. Donald Hoffman
Mr. Kerry Joyce
Ms. Janine Bronen
Mr. Paul Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Brown
Ms. Janet Luck
Ms. Allyson Felix
Mr. Christopher Hartmann and Dr. Maria Barros-Ochoa
Mr. Eugene Lowenkopf
Mr. Michael Brett-Surman and Mrs. Kimberly Moeller
Mr. Thomas Moorehead
Mr. Gregory Hamilton
Ms. Nicole Nuckley and Mr. David Nuckley
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Co
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ginsberg
Mrs. Sally Price
Dr. Janet Walsh
Mr. Jack Cater
Mr. Peter Bologna and Ms. Anne Bologna
Mr. Filmore Calhoun and Ms. Hedy Matteson
Ms. Angela Fiorentino
Ms. Janet Duggan and Mr. Thomas Duggan
Mr. Luis Garcia and Ms. Ana Garcia
Mr. Robert Ruiz and Ms. Donna Arrigo
Ms. Heather Balestri
Mrs. Heejung No
Dr. Douglas Greenfield and Dr. Sue Greenfield
Mr. James Tubman
Ms. Kathleen Lamborn and Mr. Eric Chaikin
Mr. Sidney R. Hubener
Ms. Barbara Kreisberg and Mr. Stuart Kreisberg
Ms. Elizabeth Rojas and Mr. Brian Kearsey
Ms. Jane Easterbrook
Mrs. Kathleen Denny Murphy and Mr. Gerard Murphy
Ms. Sue Murphy
Ms. Elizabeth Craze and Mr. Jeff Gibboney
Mr. Wayne Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Asaf Gal
Mr. David Slater
Ms. Madeline Nelson
Masaharu Takahashi
Ms. Ann Ebner
Ms. Valentyna Husarova
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Plumer

Mr. Jack Ray
Ms. Tara Bain
Mr. Edouard Bouillet
Mr. David McMullen
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stewart
Ms. Linda O'Connell
Mr. Mark Cathcart
Mr. Arthur V. Ketterer
Mr. Guy Blanchett
Ms. Vicki Perlman and Mr. Rubin Alspector
Ms. Theresa Lianzi
Ms. Gail M. Dethloff
Dr. June Kaplow
Ms. Brenda Rink
Mr. Richard A. Greenberg
Mr. Harry M. Holmes
Dr. Wanda Chin and Mr. Cullen Howe
Ms. Frances Rabinowitz and Mr. Herbert Dalin
Ms. Sophie Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Comess
Ms. Stephanie Pera
Ms. Lori Minasi
Ms. Emily Soderberg and Ms. Grace Kendall
Mr. Barry Royce
Mr. and Mrs. John Passarelli
Mr. Justin McKeon
Ms. Luz Real and Mr. John Auwarter
Ms. Diane Vaykovich
Ms. Jennifer Edmonds
Ms. Kaara Radon and Ms. Natasha Shtraizent
Ms. Helen Hoepfner
Ms. Anissa Sefsaf
Mr. Noah Marciniak and Ms. Karyn Marciniak
Ms. Alison Smith
Mr. Rob Wybenga
Ms. Clare Abel
Mr. Ian Hollobaugh
Mr. Ryan Haber
Mr. Richard Neidinger
Ms. Sally Watson
Dr. Ami Weil and Mr. Todd Chanko
Ms. Helen Craig
Mr. William Morales
Mr. Christian Duran
Ms. Katrina Cessna
Ms. Alice Jones
Mr. Major Woolard
Mr. Gray Russell and Ms. Linda Russell
Ms. Karen Duffin
Pawan Soni
Ms. Angelika Rinner
Mr. Vincent Isoldi
Mr. Eric Skolnick and Ms. Lynne Quitell
Ms. Haoda Wang
Ms. Laura Tambone
Mr. Jason Hatfield
Ms. Camille Schofeild
Mr. David Mitchell and Ms. Evgenia Sergeeva
Ms. Audrey I. Dursht and Mr. Sanford Herzfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Kujawa
Ms. Myrna Coffino
Mr. Michael B. Moschetta and Ms. Angela Moschetta
Ms. Ilsa Halpern
Mr. Roy P. White
Mr. Michael James O'Hara and Mr. Douglas J. Mathers
Mr. Kenneth J. Uva and Ms. Diana Sultzer
Ms. Siobhan B. Bodt and Mr. Brendan Purtell
Mr. William Macanka and Ms. Carol Winters
Mr. Stephen Warrenburg
Ms. Marcia Haag
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Tessler
Mr. Henry Domenici and Ms. Suzanne M. Domenici
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Faison
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zeichner
Ms. Virginia Lawrence
Mr. Bruce Millman and Mrs. Lorrie Millman
Ms. Carol Weil
Ms. Jean A. Hale and Miss Kalia Hale Stern
Dr. Deanna Benson and Mr. George Huntley
Ms. Marylyn C. Kudo
Ms. Katharine L. Forsyth
Dr. Michael Chusid and Mrs. Susan Chusid
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis, Jr.
Mr. Bruce M. Levine and Ms. Ann Nordon
Mr. Michael J. Passow
Mr. Steve Shobin
Mr. Stephen B. Ritchie and Ms. Barbara A. Ritchie
Mr. Ari Jaffe and Ms. Lena Verkhovsky
Ms. Kathleen Hanley and Mr. Stefan Cornelis
Ms. Rebecca Glen
Ms. Eleanora Nastasi
Mr. William E. Raftery
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Burke
Ms. Carol Pastushok
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stewart
Mr. Robert Demko
Mr. Bruce Maier and Ms. Sandra Maier
Ms. Younghee Limb and Ms. Rose Burke
Mr. John Mosier
Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeFabritus
Mr. and Mrs. Ismael Perez
Ms. Esther Ehrman and Dr. Lee Ehrman
Ms. Lisa Wolman
Mr. Frederick Alimonti and Dr. Ann Tedesco
Ms. Ana Juarbe
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Delafontaine
Mr. David Leibowitz and Ms. Maria Leibowitz
Ms. Judith S. Rabi and Mr. Joel Golumbek
Mr. Tony Peyser and Mrs. Suzanne Horn
Mr. Charles L. Katzenmeyer
Ms. Eileen Honan
Mr. Adam Silver
Ms. Allison Reed and Mr. William N. Aiken
Ms. Claire Yannacone and Mr. Neil Peers
Mr. Ernst Kuschel and Ms. Gail Weiss
Dr. Richard Granger and Ms. Andrea Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hook
Mr. David Askew and Ms. Rebekah Delaney
Mr. and Ms. Nathan Astrof
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bogart
Mr. Chester Widomski and Dr. Linda Widomski
Mr. Erik Rieselbach and Ms. Jeanette E. Silverthorne
Ms. Brittney Ross and Mr. Phillip Front
Dr. Peter Lopez and Mrs. Sharon Lai-Lopez
Ms. Sarah McGregor and Ms. Portia Pierra
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Zhou
Mr. Sergio E. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. John Neufeld
Ms. Diana Fuentes and Mr. Gerardo Salazar
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Tomoji Hirakata
Mr. and Mrs. William Bloss
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Karp
Ms. Daysi Tavares and Mr. Ramy Awad
Ms. Tracie Rosen and Mr. Stephen Rosen
Ms. Julia Bovenzi and Mr. Matthew Bovenzi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alles
Ms. Diane Uyar and Mr. Christopher Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Al Feingold
Mr. Philip DiMauro
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Filomena
Dr. Jonathan Epstein
Mr. Laurent Mandorla and Ms. Helene Xu
Mr. Edward Smith
Mr. Adam Denhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cripps
Ms. Elizabeth H. Conard
Mr. Joseph Spens
Ms. Alison Sommers-Sayre and Mr. Dave English
Dr. Andrew Beyzman
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Valdina
Dr. Jeffrey Burton
Ms. Jennifer Hill and Ms. Audrey Hill
Ms. Teresa Blume and Mr. Michael Raposa
Mr. Tyler Dunn and Ms. Isabelle Dunn
Ms. Leila Jubran
Mr. J. Terrence Donohue
Ms. Katherine Cooper
Mr. Jacob Slutsky and Ms. Chi Ying Shen
Ms. Stephanie Keenan and Ms. Elizabeth Keenan
Ms. Elise Chom
Mr. Wesley Tseng
Ms. Martha Steinberg and Mr. Gamal El-Zoghby
Dr. Karen G. Gennaro and Ms. Danielle Gennaro
Prof. Alice Nakhimovsky and Mr. Alexander Nakhimovsky
Mr. Barry L. Burnside and Mrs. Kathleen Burnside
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jacobi
Ms. Marilyn Duckoff
Mr. Dean Wood and Ms. Margaret Vlymen
Mr. Kevin Holton
Mrs. Rebecca Harms
Ms. Lauren Ottersten
Mr. Fengbo Hang
Mr. and Mrs. Sasank Chary
Mr. Jeremy Moore
Ms. Anna Lisa Corrales
Mr. Sriram Krishnan
Ms. Ratha Ry
Ms. Jane D. Schwartz
Ms. Fuki Marie Hisama
Ms. Karen S. Poshefko
Mr. Michael Billig and Dr. Heidi Wolf
Ms. Anna Kataeva
Mr. Robert Lincoln Smith
Dr. and Mrs. David Austell
Ms. Meghan Kyle-Miller and Mr. Douglas Miller
Ms. Melissa Feldsher and Mr. William Deitz
Ms. Melissa Zeidler
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Asherman
Mr. John Rodriguez and Ms. Laura Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Webman
Mr. Mark L. Darby
Ms. Karyna Tejeda
Miss Jacqueline Greene
Ms. Susan Weisbrod
Ms. Betsy Maurer and Ms. Dani Schulman
Mrs. Leinell Newman and Mr. Grant Arizala
Ms. Karen Park
Ms. Anca Grecu and Dr. Alex Grecu
Ms. Kim Longo and Mr. Michael Christel
Ms. Kate Schumann and Mr. Andrew Fabian
Mr. Uros Simovic
Ms. Anne Berry
Ms. Linda Ann Wroblewski Ward and Miss Libby Marguerite Ward
Ms. Kyra Assaad and Mr. Warren Tappe
Ms. Jessica Brams-Miller
Mr. Aaron Levick and Ms. Devon Balicki
Ms. Jennifer N. Winter
Mr. Terence Batycki
Ms. Felicia Di John
Ms. Sandra Steidl
Mr. Aneil Shirke
Ms. Katherine Ha and Mr. Ramon Thompson
Ms. Anne Lee and Mr. G. T. Arnold
Ms. Jacqueline Smith
Ms. Noelle Nicholson and Mr. Michael Yevchak
Ms. Eileen Ryan
Miss Raina Duggirala
Ms. Fredvelia E. Virella and Ms. Laura Suarez
Mr. Antonio Santoro and Ms. Jennifer Goldweber
Mr. Gabriel Marquez and Ms. Siobhan Devine
Ms. Laura Wilson
Ms. Keri Reitman Schnapper and Mr. Brian Schnapper
Mr. Christopher Aquilino and Mrs. Veronica Beke
Mr. Larry R. Salinas and Ms. Rosalind Salinas
Mr. Xavier Pornain and Ms. Miriam Fitzpatrick
Mr. Omer Viner
Ms. Carol Gyzander
Ms. Ashley Christiano
Mr. David Congdon and Ms. Nancy Golladay
Mr. and Mr. Richard Wichmann
Ms. Leslie Levi
Ms. Nancy Wrede
Ms. Josephine Galbraith
Mr. Daniel Arkus and Ms. Rachel Arkus
Mr. and Mrs. James Horan
Mr. Peter Simon
Ms. Kathryn Klanderman and Mr. Patrick Boyd
Ms. Ellen Glass and Ms. Robin Farrell
Ms. Valentina Pavlenko
Mr. Marko Kramer
Mr. Raymond Daly and Ms. Christine Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Midland
Mr. Glenn S. Daily and Ms. Mary Ann Legaspi
Mr. Dean Hanmes
Mr. Jeremy Scholem and Ms. Nancy Scholem
Mr. Brad Wolchansky
Ms. Karen Nugent
Mr. Joshua Davidson and Ms. Meng Lu
Ms. Mary M. Harper
Ms. Natasha Cherny
Ms. Marina Imhoff and Mr. Luc Kamperman
Mr. Harry Lennix
Mr. Dan Rohr
Mr. Nathan Strieter
Dr. Bruce Waldman and Ms. Lorraine Waldman
Ms. Nancy Huemer
Mr. and Mrs. Manoj Ramia
Ms. Morgan Keldsen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McGuire
Ms. Susan Tryforos and Ms. Kate Dobbins
Ms. Melanie Parks and Mr. Chris Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Pace
Ms. Amy Alcantara
Ms. Rachel Spitz
Dr. Cindy Arrigo and Mr. Michael Arrigo
Ms. Juliana Pereira and Ms. Isabella Mestrinho
Dr. David Cennimo
Ms. Milene Zeni
Ms. Dawn Merriott and Ms. Melissa Popp
Ms. Carissa Heinrich
Ms. Jing Chen
Ms. Linda Kessler and Ms. Kate Kessler
Mr. Jeffrey Weiner
Ms. Armelle Feuvrier
Mr. Shaun Cullen and Ms. Grace Martinez
Mr. Dennis Skeete
Mr. Harry Berkley
Ms. Leonora Fava
Ms. Sigridh Munoz-Gomez
Ms. Leslie St. Lawrence and Mr. Hugh Bolton
Ms. Alexa Mathes
Mrs. Lidia Jolley and Mr. Kevin Jolloy
Ms. Emily Kwok
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin DeRosa
Ms. Vered Raz
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Cone
Ms. Diana Mak and Mr. Daniel Tise
Ms. Bridget McNamara
Mr. Justin Ko
Ms. Karen Jaranowski
Mr. Adam Frost and Ms. Kai Le Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Wilson
Mrs. Donna Cordasco and Ms. Kiley Cordasco
Mr. John Kissel
Ms. Natacha Fernandez
Mrs. Marie Lingat-Pascoe and Mr. Elsworth Pascoe
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rutter
Mr. Shaheen Namvary and Ms. Kelly Odonnell
Mr. Deon Frazier and Mrs. Jennifer Grieco
Yoonhyung Lee
Sean McCloat
Ms. Christine Chung
Mr. Brendan Anderson
Steven Bradlow
Ms. Sara Parsa
Ms. Irina Isakulyan
Mr. Antonio Carusone
Ms. Cynthia Spry
Mr. Billy Brennan
Ms. Mireille Strunck
Ms. Lauren Bierly
Ms. Bonnie Buxton
Ms. Vanessa Merhi
Ms. Ana-Ofelia Rodriguez
Mr. Joshua Siegel
Mr. David Chavkin
Mr. Moises Romero
Mr. Leo Li
Mr. Nate Harrison
Ms. Susan Armstrong
Ms. Katherine Kennedy
Ms. Jessica Wang
Ms. Maria Quincy
Mr. Thomas Amerman
Ms. Sylvie Guichard
Ms. Michiyo Kono
Mr. Pascale Crouzillat
Ms. Attila Rostovanyi
Ms. Marcia Dudden
Silvia Dondi
Ms. Melissa Peverini
Mr. Andrew Recinos
Ms. Jennifer Reyes
Ms. Heather Reusse
Kennen McBrearty
Mr. James DeMartis
Sean Delaney
Eliud Sifonte
Ying-Kit Chan
Ms. Regina Fernandez
Andrea Kutschke
Ms. Sharon Rennhack
Mr. Marc Gustafson
J. P. McCue
Ms. Mary Ducca
Ms. Bonnie Jones
Mr. Daniel Barnhardt
Mr. Nicholas Sawicki
Mr. Daniel Goldfarb
Ms. Kimberly Holzmann-Krolick
Mr. Federico Lopez-Osorio
Ms. Kate Kaufman
Ms. Brooke Sturdivant
Ms. Julia Thomsen
Ms. Stephanie Niu
Ms. Joan Esposito
Ms. Natella Kataev
Mr. Nilton Leao
Mr. Klaus Plessner
Ms. Linda Stern
Ms. Lori Fetterly
Ms. Francie Quaas-Berryman
Ms. Polina Branco
Ms. Leang Chaing
Ms. Elizabeth Keiley
Mr. Kevin W. McAlister
Ms. Ioanna Alafris
Xiaole Yu
Mr. Arthur George
Franca Sofia Barchiesi
Jie Chen
Ms. Roshna Wunderlich
Raghu Rama Murthy Maddukuri
Kristin Sigurdsson
Ms. Melissa Leissler
Mr. Sergey Kovalyov
Ms. Nicole Marotta
Mr. Jeffrey Mikel
Mr. Christian Balcerzak
Furong Li
Mr. Alberto Marcelo Parada
Mr. Sergey Korshunov
Mr. Howard Chan
Mr. Thomas Wild
Ms. Eva Vasilova
Ms. Erika Persons
Hao Wu
Mr. Hussain Alnasser
Ms. Samantha Unger
Ms. Victoria Ruvolo
Ms. Lorraine Neilan
Mr. Nicholas Novia
Ms. Olivia Parker
Mr. Joseph Savoy
Ms. Amna Naseer
Ms. Angelika Kligos
Jun Chen
Mr. Patrick Jones
Ms. Dana Banisch-Meyen
Ms. Kathi Marks
Ms. Ruth Oglesby
Mr. Jon Bauman
Mr. Sagar Rajgopal
Mr. Timothy Reed
Ms. Erin Ferdinand
Ms. Teresa Henriquez
T. J. Rennaker
Ms. Isana Narikawa
Mr. Dhrubajyoti Bandyopadhyay
Ms. Rosma Gutierrez
Mr. Curtis Bentley
Ms. Gina Gilliard
Mr. Steve French
Ms. Megumi Ochiai
Ms. Anne Hill
Ms. Morgan Melchiorre
Mr. Alec Lazarescu
Mr. Peter Small
Ms. Lucia Paladino
Mr. Aaron Gersztoff
Ms. Karen Angel
Mr. Edwin Saravia
Ms. Mary Fitzgerald
Mr. Theodoros Motsenigos
Mr. Saso Fermin
Ms. Monica Bates
Ms. Veronica Black
Kelly Proctor
Ms. Kharina Fiuza Cytrynowicz
Ms. Laura Stith
Ms. Alicia Gonzalez
Mr Ryan Quinlan
Ms. Patricia Chen
Ms. Emma Bolles-Beaven
Ms. Marie Delbecque
Mr. Jonathan Harper
Ms. Suzanne Dunn
Mr. Mark Nadel
Ms. Gilda Cortez
Robin Spiegelman
Mr. Julio Garro
Mr. Yuwen Hu
Ms. Sabrena Reinhardt
Ms. Beth Newman
Mr. Steve Ryan
Ms. Rita Tello Saenz
Mr. Joshua Silverbush
Mr. Charles Rosenfeld
Ms. Georgiana Bobe
Ms. Mimi Steinberg
Ms. Sarah Mathes
Masaru Kanekiyo
Mr. Joesph Gardner
Mr. John Border
Xuan Li
Mr. Rolando Losada
Courtenay Mundy
Ms. Lynn Lim
Mr. Joseph Canterino
Ms. Dawn Morin
Chris Bardgett
Leslie and Lance Estrada
Ms. Nicole Pavlin
Ms. Samantha Fomon
W. Halden Conner
Mr. Pablo Cordon
Mx Linda Haque
Mr. Joshua Park
Ms. Patricia Rachek
Ms. Vicky Demartino
Ms. Julie Godsoe
Ms. Francisca Albers
Ms. Flannery Burke
Mr. Marc Wilson
Ms. Danielle Lundquist
Mr. Clive Carl
Mr. Robert Reader
Mr. Thomas Chwastyk
Mr. Oliver Rake
Mr. Lucas Morgan
Ms. Jan Dillow
Ms. Hannah Fiasconaro
Ms. Adriana Deleo
Ms. Elizabeth Usher
Mr. Ben VanBlargan
Mr. Lukas Hanessian
Ms. Lauren Skiparis
Ms. Tania Pagan-Rosario
Mr. Edward Donnelly
Ms. Joan Brodman
Mr. Paul Penkalski
Ms. Vanessa Culver
Ms. Emily Bunin
Ms. Lisa Valvo
Gail Ann Rothman
Mr. Christopher Milito
Ms. Leann Vanderheyden and Mr. John D. Alexander
Ms. Heather Wells
Mr. Robert Del Ciello and Mr. Matt Del Ciello
Mr. and Mrs. Pamela Sanabria
Ms. Nancy Nisselbaum and Mr. Marshall Nisselbaum
Mr. and Mrs. James Cox
Ms. Ellen Ferebee
Ms. Frances Lester and Mr. Harry Lester
Mr. Frederick Puelle and Ms. Rose S. Puelle
Ms. Kia Edwards and Mr. John Harper
Dr. Jed M. Best and Ms. Joanna Best
Ms. Elizabeth Muscarella
Ms. Ann Korschgen
Ms. Nancy L. Kedersha
Dr. Marie-Louise Dreux
Mr. Gunnar Larsson and Ms. Naya Larsson
Dr. Virginia Lloyd and Mr. Nathan Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nadel
Mr. Stuart Andrews
Ms. Kathryn Humphrey and Ms. Judy Hudson
Ms. Paula Jane Davis and Ms. Laura Stephens
Mr. Daniel Shirley
Ms. Susan Moreland and Mr. Christopher Moreland
Mr. Wenjun Guo
Mr. and Mrs. William Burke
Ms. Yolanda U. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William Fischer
Ms. June B. Garber
Ms. Irene Tserkovny
Dr. Stephanie Stratigos
Ms. Abigail Savage
Mr. Dominic Larche
Ms. Jessica Vacanti
Ms. Julie Herzner
Mr. Gary Mongiovi and Ms. Margaret Bailey
Dr. Gregory D. Schnose, M.D.
Ms. Maria Corradini
Ms. Anne L. S. Munoz
Mr. Steven D. Riskin
Ms. Usha Subramanian
Mr. Jaik Schubert
Mr. Philip Swan
Mr. Richard Milberg and Mrs. Roberta Milberg
Ms. Linda Browning
Mr. David Judkins
Mr. David Cortes
Ms. Eden Schroeder
Ms. Purva Rawal
Ms. Deborah Caviness
Ms. Dana Erickson
Mr. Kevin Gori
Mr. Paul Klimas
Mr. Carlos Garcia-Jasso
Ms. Karen Meredith
Mr. Jeremy Johnson
Ms. Cassiel Oliveira
Ms. Karen Hokanson
Ms. Erin Nylen-Wysocki
Ms. Cortney Marcin
Ms. Susan Rogers
Ms. Leila Gomez Woolley
Mr. Kaplan Maxine
Mr. Riley Smith
Ms. Haley Hartwick-Emmerson
Ms. Tia Biasi
Ms. Mary Coffield
Mr. Vaquero Cooper
Ms. Erica Ruppert
Mr. Glenn H Shepard Jr
Mr. Carl Ryu
Mr. Gary Roloson
Ms. Kamesh Ayasolla
Ms. Barbara Sullivan
Ms. Delores Tavares
Ms. Susan E. Butler
Ms. Joanne McGrath and Mr. James Aucone
Ms. Jessica Oshita
Ms. Claire Vogel and Ms. Stephen Vogel
Ms. Elissa Foner
Mr. Leonard Cacciatore
Ms. Karen Wisniewski
Ms. Deborah Ehrichs
Mrs. Ellen Waggener and Mr. Paul S. Hirsch
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Schilling
Mr. Stephen Schwarz
Mr. Robert Brady
Ms. Kerry Cain and Mr. David Cain
Ms. Alina Ionescu-Graff and Mr. Christopher Graff
Mr. Kit Swartz and Ms. Chanya Swartz
Ms. Emily Gorman
Ms. Anne Marie Spensieri-Fidis and Ms. Rachel Morrison
Ms. Geraldine Misiewicz
Mr. Lanny J. Larson and Ms. Lynne Rodriguez
Ms. Lauren Leung
Ms. Jeanette Emmarco
Mr. Zhenhua Cao and Miss Yufeng Li
Mr. SongKeng Teoh and Ms. Yingjia Tan
Ms. Helen Partridge and Mr. Karl Thaesler
Ms. Katherine Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Abramson
Dr. Joan C. Wojak
Ms. Gail Sider
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Balbale
Mr. John Authers and Ms. Sara Silver
Mses. Kathleen and Sheila Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Roche
Ms. Karen P. Weismuller
Ms. Catherine Orosz and Mrs. Sharon A. Orosz
Mr. Richard Paley
Mr. Albert Oeswadi
Ms. Christine Hansen
Mr. Marco Arnez
Ms. Karen Shumpert
Mr. Danilo Santoboni and Ms. Laura Montgomery
Ms. Selva S. Sanjines Schenkman and Mr. Eugene Schenkman
Ms. Cindy McBennett and Mr. Geoff Cook
Ms. Yamilka Vasquez and Ms. Juan Drake
Mr. Frank Shepard and Ms. Kate McLaughlin
Ms. Marcia Koomen and Ms. Stella Waugh
Ms. Laura Guertin and Mr. Daniel King
Ms. Joan Herron
Mr. Jay Kim
Mr. Cole Entress and Mrs. Judy He
Mr. Paul Caldwell
Mr. Sam DeRosa-Farag and Ms. Denise A. DeRosa-Farag
Mr. Ali Khatari
Mr. Omar Kilani
Mr. Abdullah Abu Sirriya
Mr. Carlos Parra
Mr. Ted Bongiovanni
Ms. Lisa Miller and Mr. Seth Miller
Mr. Ray von Dohren
Ms. Kristen McVeety and Mr. Robert McVeety
Mr. and Mrs. Neel Shah
Mr. Ashton Critchley
Mr. Mark Stafford
Mr. Lachlan McClenahen
Ms. Joan A. Folwell and Mr. Raymond J. Folwell
Mr. John Manos
Ms. Mary B. Barto
Ms. Barbara H. Ross
Mr. John Nicolucci
Mr. Masako Ikeda
Ms. Susan Dimoia
Mr. Ralf D Demouthe
Mr. Jed Weintrob
Mr. Timothy Cardozo
Mr. Joseph Leo
Mr. Giovanni Olsson
Mr. Robert H. Trudell
Mr. Peter K. Davenport and Mr. Vladimir Nedkov
Ms. Elaine Reyes-Allegro and Mr. Wilfred Reyes
Mr. Matt Goldich
Ms. Susan Rothschild
Mr. Charles V. Gruner
Ms. Robina E. Ingram-Rich
Ms. Margaret Holzer
Ms. Elizabeth Maglietta
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Rinaldo
Mr. Adalberto Avila
Ms. Geraldine Usher
Mr. Scott Sigler
Mr. Edward Neuburg
Mr. Michael Roper
Ms. Cynthia Glasgow and Mr. Robert Rhodes
Ms. Jill Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Weibel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Geniesse
Mrs. Emily Bazinet
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Goebel
Mr. John Reardon and Mrs. Amy Thorowgood
Ms. Mariel Rose
Ms. Mary A. Wade
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Innes
Mr. L. David Carmichael
Mr. Alfred B. Abraham and Mr. Brian Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Weinstock
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Burolla
Mr. William H. Shirley
Mr. Michael Hamburg
Ms. Genevieve J. Covelli
Ms. Sandi E. Cooper
Ms. Diana Cagle
Dr. Mohammad A. Meah, M.D. and Ms. Najma Meah
Dr. Janice Koch
Mrs. Eileen Kennedy
Mr. David Mansfield and Ms. Moria I. Mansfield
Dr. Venu M. Chimmiri and Mr. Madhavi Atluri
Mr. John English and Mrs. Janice English
Ms. Gillian Allatta and Mr. Eric Allatta
Mr. Glenn Meyer
Mrs. Vanda Salta
Mrs. Susan Jacob
Ms. Laura Byrnes and Ms. Gillian Byrnes
Mr. Thomas N. Tyrol and Ms. Jilda G. Dorsi
Ms. Eugenie Reed
Ms. Kay Tate
Mr. and Mrs. John Wlaysewski
Mr. Jay Shaffer
Mr. Curtis Dell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Banfield
Mr. Roland O'Neal
Mr. Michael Lounsbery and Miss Jamianne Devlin
Ms. Victoria Sheridan
Ms. Mimi Rosenfeld
Ms. Deb Reed
Mr. Felipe Quintana
Mr. Charles Fitzgibbon
Ms. Jeanne Connelly
Ms. Nancy Karch
Ms. Christine Fitz
Mr. Theodore Drzala
Mr. Daniel Cohen
Ms. Shari Shaltout
Mr. Tobias Hoehne
Ms. Mellissa Ahmed
Ms. Jae Hyun Ahn
Mr. Zachary Vaughan and Mrs. Sarah Schacter
Mr. Fernando Jarufe
Ms. Victoria Villella
Ms. Rachel Grobstein
Ms. Judith Goeckermann
Ms. Kellyanne Tang
Mr. Romeo Pascone
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adler
Ms. Amy Sack and Mr. David Sack
Ms. Kelly Kingdon
Mrs. Stephanie Atkinson
Mr. Les C. Von Losberg, Jr. and Mrs. Merle Molofsky
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Moskowitz
Ms. Marcia Kaplan-Mann and Mr. Gabriel Wiesenthal
Rabbi David Vaisberg and Ms. Miriam Palmer-Sherman
Mr. Jonas Heymann
Mr. Craig Blackwell
Mr. Arnold Fleisher
Mr. Richard Feczko
Ms. Claudette Mobley
Ms. Stephanie Feyne and Mr. Clint Bahr
Ms. Sue Ellen Bromberg
Ms. Alice Remer
Ms. Jodie Leff
Ms. Karen Harvey
Mr. Paul DeLong
Mr. Oren Liberman
Ms. Jane L. Hay
Ms. Soraya Sulaiman and Ms. Kelley Walton
Ms. Kimberly Torres
Mr. Ronald Epstein and Mrs. Paula Kaufmann
Ms. Janice Gurchinoff Tennant and Mr. Malcolm Tennant
Ms. Jill Hyer
Mr. Stephen E. Perry
Ms. Margaret Burley
Mr. Marc Johnson
Ms. Roseann Jacobson and Mr. Arthur Jacobson
Mrs. Debra Saito and Mr. Eisuke Saito
Mr. Anthony B. Thompson and Mr. Dakota Thompson
Dr. Pooja Belligund and Mr. Sai Prakash
Mr. and Mrs. Keith French
Ms. Beatrice Beckmann and Mr. Max Austen
Mr. Brendan Ternus
Ms. Corrie Pikul
Ms. Karen Moskowitz
Mr. Simon Abranowicz
Mr. Sean Gilbert
Mr. Joseph Mills
Ms. Rachel Craw
Ms. Jeanne Buss
Ms. Cherell Sansaet
Mr. Louis Venturelli
Ms. Carley Plotzker
Mr. James C. Alley
Ms. Susan Wigodner
Mr. Michael Medved
Mr. Stanislav Kravets
Ms. Alessandro Iacopi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Anderson
Ms. Dina S. Pitenis and Ms. Leela Pitenis
Mr. William Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Andrean T. Bertok
Ms. Marianne Witherwax
Mrs. Grecia Solano and Mr. Osvaldo Vasquez
Ms. Stephanie Manns
Ms. Caryn Lewi
Mr. Nicholas King
Mr. Andrew Kallem
Mr. Devin Columbus
Ms. Jessica Eller
Ms. Anwesha Sarkar
Mr. and Mrs. David Sclar
Ms. Louise S. Sherby
Mr. James M. Pastena and Ms. Kathi Pastena
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rudman
Mrs. Gloria J. Benson
Mr. Matthew P. Landau
Ms. Irene Y. Purdy
Mr. William Clark
Mr. Frederick E. Klein and Mrs. Marcia A. Eberhardt-Klein
Mr. David Jacobs
Mr. Marion N. Paganello
Mr. Kenneth A. Bronston
Ms. Sharon Flynn
Ms. Alison S. Lee
Ms. Karen S. Kinsel and Ms. Jessica Dillon
Ms. Valerie Cihylik and Mr. Stefan Cihylik
Mr. Scott Newirth and Ms. Marianna M. Newirth
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Sweberg, M.D.
Ms. Erin E. Burns and Mr. Giles Alston
Ms. Katherine De Groot
Ms. Leslie Verter
Ms. Mary Martuscello
Mr. David Menken
Dr. William Thierfelder and Prof. Michael Aloi
Mr. Ralph Lowen and Dr. Mary Ann Lowen, M.D.
Ms. Louise Adler
Mr. Brian Spadora and Ms. Tara McCann
Mr. Larry Miller and Mrs. Letecia Miller
Ms. Erin R. Martinez
Mr. Anthony Salvanto and Mrs. Lina Newton-Salvanto
Ms. Samantha Schnell
Mr. John Gluckow
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Price
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bullis
Mr. Christopher Brown and Ms. Sara Lowenthal
Ms. Lisa Cover and Ms. Shinda Cover
Mrs. Lisa Bermudez
Mrs. Jessica Lee Rutberg and Mr. Eric Rutberg
Mr. Jon Walsh and Ms. Lisa Walsh
Ms. Eileen Devlin and Mr. Colin Delvin
Ms. Margaret Choy-Collins and Ms. Catherine Collins
Ms. Janine K. Miller and Mr. Stuart Gittens
Ms. Laura Warnock
Mr. Bente Humphrey
Mr. John C. Metzgar
Mr. Sean Burke
Mr. Timothy Glenister and Ms. Jeanmarie Glenister
Ms. Chelsey Lyman and Mr. Drew Steedman
Mr. Liesje Kraai
Mrs. Enid K. Rubin
Ms. Lorena Hernandez Ramirez and Ms. Fatima Lima
Mr. James Falconi
Ms. Jayshri Mepani
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Galligan
Ms. Amber Vernon
Ms. Barbara Cutney
Mr. Peter Brereton and Ms. Valerie Keil
Ms. Nancy A. Witherell
Mr. Loren Dunn and Mrs. Jennifer Strassburg
Ms. Nancy Perkins
Ms. Tritia Thamrongnawasawad
Dr. Murray Schane and Mr. Tristan Schane
Mr. Edward Jarmul
Dr. Galen McKinley and Mr. Juan Botella
Mr. Serge Doroshin
Mr. Scott Gordon and Ms. Laura Gordon
Ms. Barbara Laurain
Mrs. Lisa Robin Morales and Mr. Anthony Michael Morales
Ms. Jane Dunn
Ms. Susan Truman
Ms. Marcia Choy and Mr. Darren McDonald
Ms. Christine Newman
Ms. Lindsey Cara and Mr. Chris Cara
Mr. Chandler Rosenthal
Mr. Mark Horowitz
Mr. Jeremiah Camacho
Mr. Michael Hatfield
Ms. Katherine Blackburn
Mr. Jesus Lisojo
Ms. Nancy Wong and Ms. Rene Celaya
Ms. Pauline Chan
Ms. Linda Kunka and Mr. Christopher Macalush
Mr. Richard Finley
Miss Laura Nan Hargrove
Ms. Kathryn Mauz
Ms. Juliana Jones
Mr. Christopher White
Ms. Sheela Mantri
Ms. Putney Pyles
Ms. Devon MacEra
Mr. and Mrs. Beau Schwegman
Ms. Donna Drew
Ms. Amy Xu
Sydney Montoya
Ms. Susan Scherling
Jamie Sirlin
Ms. Sereta K. Russell
Boban Jovanovic
Ms. Barbara Marshall
Ms. Karen Vega
Oliver Rene de Fries
Lee Martin III
Ms. Cathleen Biebrich
Mr. Robert Schissler
Ms. Elizabeth Gleason
Ms. Carol Grober
Ms. Giada Nicole Melito
Ms. Bree Cooper
Mr. Eric Machacek
Ila Gupta
Ms. Corinne Shaw
Ms. Natoria Butler
Mr. Peter Reiner
Ms. Doria Hillsman
Ms. Barbara Mehm
Ms. Lydia Churchill
Khaula Tauqeer
Mr. Peter Steinberg
Laith Al-Aridh
Mr. Joost Heijmenberg
Ms. Amelia Janisz
Sandi Mayer
Mr. Jeff Novich
Ms. Cornelia Hall
Mr. Emanuela Mahl
Ms. Berenice Arcuri
Ms. Paloma Garcia
Ms. Marlene Reynolds
Ms. Patricia Geisenburg
Mr. Steven Saidenberg
Ms. Sarah Lewis
Ms. Nancy Blatt
Mr. Dayvee Brower-Warrell
Ms. Bridget Wicinski
Ms. Gail Adler
Ms. Jessica Wynn
Mr. Luke Gorman
Ms. Marisol Luna
Mr. Sivakumar Rajmohan
Ms. Mariah Becker
Ms. Heidi Schoen
Ms. Magdalena Piechucka
Ms. Linda Vitelli
Ms. Stacey Chen
Ms. Gail Sorenson
Ms. Cynthia Basch
Mr. Paul Lander
Mr. Joseph Orcino
Ms. Rosemary Grosse
Ms. Priscilla Jimenez
Korbi Kelly-Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Vinoo Mathew
Sascha Ali
Falguni Shah
Ms. Catherine Hill
Ms. Lisa McFarquhar
Ms. Breanna Murphy
Mr. Gil Zabarsky
Ms. Tania Green
Ms. Suzie Jary
Ms. Emily Jennings
Ms. Alice Hadley
Ms. Jeannef Aimone
Mr. Bhavik Shah
Ms. Roopa Santosh
Ms. Peggy Mercado
Mr. Anthony Thompson
Ms. Stephanie Insalaco
Amber Brookman Jr
Mr. Donald Meyer
Ms. Lois Hill
Ms. Jennifer Lee and Mr. San Lee
Ms. Joanna Geraghty and Mr. Christopher Kelly
Ms. Anneliese Gevedon
Ms. Ting Wang and Dr. Jason Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Drucker
Mr. Craig Michaels
Ms. Christie Mastrangeli and Mr. Rudy Green
Ms. Tamar Keil and Ms. Meira Keil
Mr. Gwyn Joy and Mrs. Lisa Reid
Dr. Linda Walsh-Garrison and Mr. John Garrison
Ms. Sheila Williams and Mr. David Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Griffith
Ms. Hazel Gordon
Ms. Karen Megerdichian
Dr. Vincenzo Fiore and Dr. Renee Gibbs
Ms. Michelle Bowen
Ms. Sandra Zeigler
Mr. Barry Burnside
Ms. Candis Miller
Ms. Kelly Obrien
Mr. Steve Savitz
Mr. Juan Carlos Belalcazar Canal
Ms. Sheila White
Ms. Dayse Fiano
Mr. Phil Recchio
Mr. James Turner
Mr. James K McCallum
Ms. Farrah Jean-Philippe
Ms. Lisa Clay
Mr. Robert Roth
Ms. Mary Ann Rhodes
Ms. Julie Hong
Ms. Jaime Semensohn
Ms. Rosemarie Mack
Mr. Robert G. Morin
Ms. Zoraida M. Platas
Mr. Paul Takhistova and Mrs. Ksenia Takhistova
Ms. Latimer Kells
Mr. Robert Sadrianna
Ms. Monique Hall
Ms. Gillian Walters
Ms. Cari Hauck and Ms. Martha Denton
Ms. Suzanne Di Rienzo and Mr. Eugene Gearty
Ms. Kristin Knight
Dr. Rollin M. Gallagher and Dr. Virginia Rauh
Ms. Amelia Rivera and Mr. Carlos Rivera
Ms. Elaine Randolph and Ms. Lexi Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffray Whitty
Mrs. Stephanine Ross
Mr. Carl Bruetsch
Mr. Eric Pratt and Ms. Suzanne Jary
Ms. Laura DiLallo
Mr. Michael Ardieta
Ms. Kelly Seltmann and Ms. Lindsey Seltmann
Mr. Farid Moustofi and Mrs. Natalie Solomon
Mr. John O'Reilly
Mr. Charles A. Dowse III
Ms. Patrice Butler
Mr. Scott Klein
Mr. Steven Harper
Mr. Thomas O. Gavin and Ms. Kerry Acker
Mr. Michael Kari and Ms. Emily Wax
Mrs. Stephanie Blee
Dr. Christie Jackson
Ms. Sandra Ackerman
Ellen Broach
Mr. Neil E. Martin and Ms. Edith Hunter
Ms. Manju Hertzig
Mr. Joseph Midulla
Ms. Theresa Campbell
Ms. Taimara Acosta
Mr. Thomas Tether and Ms. Sharon Tether
Ms. Linda Ewool-Hemans and Mr. Wilford Hemans
Mrs. Diane Pollack
Ms. Phyllis R. Gottesman and Mr. Scott M. Shepard
Mr. Michael Efran and Ms. Miriam Bohbot
Ms. Barbara Young
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Becker
Ms. Gloria Emmons
Mr. Lamberto Ceriani
Mr. Pete Conklin
Ms. Mary-Ellen Edmiston
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Frankel
Mr. Daniel Warke and Ms. Kirsty McNeilly
Ms. Ellen Holt
Ms. Karen J. Greene
Ms. Karen Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Grodin
Mr. Richard Baron
Ms. Carrie L. James
Ms. Courtney Retzler and Mr. John Bean
Ms. Ellin Witt
Ms. Thana Giridhar
Dr. Patrick Gleason and Ms. Jody Gleason
Mr. Dennis Madej and Ms. Deborah Day
Ms. Shari Siegel
Ms. Anna Serci
Ms. Patricia Pia
Ankita Jha
Ms. Jean Nelson and Ms. Melissa Slater
Ms. Zoe Lawrence
Mr. Ira Charles Levenberg-Engel
Mrs. Anne A. Holland
Ms. Sharon A. Nakazato
Ms. Elizabeth Blakeley
Dr. Patricia DeCoster and Mr. Timothy DeCoster
Dr. Vera L. Junkers
Ms. Eve Jones and Ms. Beverly Nolan
Mr. Alan J. Cohen
Ms. Elizaveta Volkova and Ms. Beryl Schragger
Ms. Elizabeth Finesmith
Mr. Robert Strong and Ms. Lauie Carhart
Mr. Allen Yeh
Mr. Terrance Kenney and Ms. Debra Boardman
Ms. Noelle Penna and Mr. Mark Penna
Ms. Nicole Huels and Ms. Demerae Christianson
Ms. Hui Wu
Mr. and Mrs. Renato Cachina
Ms. Peni Landisi
Ms. Juliette Muscat
Ms. Molly Engelman
Mr. Edwin Bautista and Mrs. Albania Medrano
Mr. Hin Winsal and Ms. Mariko Aoki
Ms. Lora Shea
Ms. and Mr. Jenna Hokanson
Dr. Silvia Angles-Calvo and Dr. Antoni Jordi-Ballester
Ms. Kathryn Lang
Ms. Jeannie Finucane
Mr. Liu Cui and Mr. Boxing He
Mr. Craig Gosselin
Ms. Tomoko Robert
Disha Bhavsar
Mr. Evan Bowechop
Mr. Dominick Crouchelli
Mr. Ashley Brant
Mr. John Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McBride
Ms. Laura Legower
Mr. Ramesh Betha
Ms. Jane Buley
Mr. Nicholas Mayo
Ms. Karen Ziermann
Ms. Denise Vierra
Ms. Rachel Lane
Mr. Chao-Mei Wei
Ms. Janine Ward
Tera Gahlsdorf
Mr. Robert Guisti
Mr. Roy Lotz
Luca Iandoli
Ms. Shierlyn Ochotorena
Mr. Peter Brito
Ms. Sabrina Reitman
Ms. Claudia P.
Mr. Rocio Araujo
Ms. Briana Anello
Ms. Brooke Rawson
K. Taverna
Mr. Bowen Dang
Ms. Lexus Sullivan
Ms. Valerie Sorensen-Clark
Mr. Rohit Arora
Mr. Bryan Sosoo
Ms. Kristine Rasile
Ms. Chiara Salvati
Ms. Mary Dillon
Mr. Yimin Ji
Ms. Elizabeth Kravtchenko
Ms. Linda Calabro
Ms. Maysa Nurnepesova
Ms. Brenna Gillman
Mr. Thomas Barr
Ms. Athena Fotiadis
Ms. Amelia Urwin
Janos Till
Mr. Douglas Beach
Jayon Lihm
Mr. Claudio Espinoza
Ms. Bette Brohel
Mr. Stephen M. Rediker
Ms. Melody Evans
Ms. Elizabeth Gottesman
Mr. Adam Fullan
Ms. Nicole Blair
Ms. Jessenia Preciado
Ms. Stefni Dusterwald
Ms. Isabella Curry
Ms. Cornelia Lauff
Ms. Esther Fong
Ms. Barbara H. Stanculescu
Ms. Judi Levine
Ms. Wilma A. Turnbull
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Woo
Mr. Thomas R. Webb
Mr. Charles Farranto
Mr. John O'Neill
Ms. Diana B. Stein
Ms. Daksha Vaid-Kwinter
Ms. Holly Cerretani
Ms. Janet Doak
Ms. Jennifer Brabham
Ms. Emily Waugh
Ms. Pamela Cheung
Mr. Brett Milspaw
Ms. Jennifer Friesen
Mr. Joshua Noreuil
Ms. Caitlin Lochner
Mr. Jose Adorno
Mr. Jonathan Feldman
Mr. Pasquale Santoro
Ms. Maureen C. Pryor
Ms. Shigeko Okubo
Ms. Marilyn I. Brenner
Mr. Al Geminder
Ms. Catherine Chiarelli
Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Cohn
Mrs. Virginia Sosnicki
Ms. Janet L. Samuels and Mr. David A. Kalow
Mr. and Mrs. James Puccio
Mr. Claude P. Robotham
Ms. Johanna R. Kopp
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Chen
Ms. Jillian Evers
Ms. Gladys Bocanegra
Mr. Joseph P. Fletcher
Mr. Chen-yung Hsu
Ms. Morgan Adams and Mr. Andrew Adams
Ms. Francine Mallozzi
Ms. Meghan Hickey and Mr. James Totten
Ms. Candace Brennan
Ms. Yahaira Franco
Ms. Marissa Alperin
Mr. Dennis Kelly
Ms. Skyler Colwell
Ms. Rebecca Hanratty
Mr. Terrence O'Brien and Ms. Ana Garcia
Mr. Walter Fecica
Dr. Pat L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Mr. Jean Bonnes
Ms. Kelli Lee
Mr. Gary Drehmel
Ms. Rita Salemo and Miss Jennifer Salemo
Mr. Martin Camacho and Mrs. Samia Soodi
Leslie Martin
Ms. Rochelle Kaplan
Mr. Marc Shulman and Ms. Eileen Shulman
Ms. Iva Kaufman
Ms. Erynn Albert
Dr. Edward M. Cohn, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Silverstein
Ms. Anne Finger
Ms. Joan Skurnik and Mr. William Mansourian
Ms. Brenda Segev Lawner
Mr. Fred Jackson
Ms. Irina Sivachenko and Mr. Boriss Kulman
Mr. Chi Chen and Mrs. Yan Wang
Ms. Sophie Edelman
Mr. Evan Nathan
Ms. Jennifer Thomas
Ms. Jennifer Bowles
Ms. Jen Score
Ms. Marcella Bodner
Mr. Jansen Castleberry
Ms. Catherine Smith
Oleksii Bolshunov
Mr. Kenneth P. Gregar
Mr. Gregory Bullock
Mr. Antonio Manganiello
Ms. Katie Wolf
Ms. Kimberly Silakowski
Ms. Sherri Venezia
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rucker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Kross
Dr. Joan Mencher, Second Chance Foundation
Ms. Ruth Snead
Mr. Erwin Navarijo
Ms. Amy Horowitz
Ms. Mary R. Daniels
Ms. Anita Peters
Mr. Frederick McKinnon and Ms. Nereida Delgado
Ms. Kita Lantman
Ms. Anna Akker
Ms. Victoria Koch
Mr. Ram Venkata
Ms. Linda Becker
Prof. Maureen McEnery and Ms. Laura Hoffman
Ms. Daniela Silvestri and Mr. Stephen Silvestri
Mrs. Patricia J. Cinque and Mr. Glen Tilkin
Mrs. Susan G. Cumings and Mr. Mark Ledbetter
Ms. Ellen Winkler
Ms. Elizabeth Uhan
Ms. Elissa Gilbert
Mr. Stephen McNamee
Ms. Helen O'Rourke
Dr. Daniel David
Dr. and Ms. Peter Grekin
Mr. Keith Fernandez
Mr. Samuel Rozenberg and Ms. Nitzan Blouin
Mr. Lawrence Young
Mr. Henry James Morton and Ms. Elizabeth Loyd
Miss Arianna Rallis
Mr. Kevin Axelson
Mr. Michael Nocera
Ms. Mary Guthrie
Ms. Rebekah Kohlhepp
Mr. Todd Toso
A. V.
Ms. Denise Killeen
Mr. Johnson Candace
Mr. Merlin Lledias
Ms. Joy Simon
Mr. Gregory Maceda
Ms. Alexandra Kennedy
Madison Moment
Mr. Harvey Wilson
Glenn Kurtz
Ms. Virginia Aschmoneit
Umedi Rasulzoda
Ms. Susan Fattibene
Ms. Christi Ella Mahilum
Ms. Stephanie Chen
Ms. Victoria Nikiforova
Mr. William Kozack
Mr. Tom Decker
Mr. Mikhail Ermolchev
Ms. Grace Mudd
Ms. Nicole Sikora Heschong
Mr. Scott Dunn
Ms. Desiree Gelfand
Nishanth Parameshwar Pavinkurve
Ms. Rebecca Plessel
Mr. Vinod Babu
Mr. David Marcus
Ms. Alexandra Ruah
Ms. Kamran Choudary
Ms. Tasha-Marie Akina
Ms. Ramona Clifton
Lei Li
Mr. Robinson Robles
Ms. Theodota Kontopoulos
Ms. Gigi Tutoni
Mr. Robert Pascocello
Mr. Harshal Deshpande
Ms. Elena O'Connor
Mr. Stav Gold
Ms. Falicia Basil
Ms. Sheng Bi
Ms. Rachel Brodman
Ms. Cassie Tweten Delaney and Mr. William Delaney
Ms. Eva Grzelak
Mr. Daniel Khasidy and Ms. River Khasidy
Mr. John C. Klady
Ms. Ariana Pettigrew
Mr. Carl Sponheimer
Mr. Siridatar Khalsa
Mr. Tom Miller
Ms. Jasmine Kuylenstierna
Ms. Tina Cheng
Mr. Fazel Keshtkar
Mr. Mason Riddle
Elizabeth J. McNab
Mr. Daniel Sorkin
Ms. Jean Rath and Mr. Wayne Rath
Mrs. Susan S. Cipar
Mr. George Plumfield and Ms. Nell Plumfield
Ms. Mutsuko Oikawa
Mr. F. Davis and Ms. Jourdan Davis
Mr. Alexander Dunlop and Ms. Mara de Gennaro
Ms. Gean S. Mathney
Mr. Steve Sangapore
Ms. Mary Ortiz
Ms. Virginia Woolf
Mr. Michael Guinness
Mr. Christopher Webb
Ms. Emily Davison and Mr. David Davison
Brother Benjamin Knapp
Ms. Julia Hunt
Mrs. Frank Tassone
Ms. Lizette Vasquez
Mr. Warren Hauser
Mr. Jim G. Fiederlein
Ms. Eugenia Levenson
Ms. Ceren Atmaca
Ms. Stephanie Klokiw
Mr. Craig Haberman
Ms. Selena Brown and Ms. Sasha Turner
Mr. Craig Elliott
MacKenzie Brown
Ms. Johanna Lovecchio
Mr. Clayton Ferrara
Mr. David Lopez
Ms. Elianette Perez
Ms. Anzhelika Chumak
Mr. Jared Boyce
Mr. Donald Butler
Ms. Abigail Hammons
Ms. Holly Ward
Ms. Ruby Montero
Mr. Nelson Baez
Mr. Dangdang Shao
Mr. Harry Nuss
Mr. Berton Pekowsky and Ms. Judith Pekowsky
Ms. Laura Cesare
Ms. Barbara H. Grcevic
Mr. Leonard Givant
Mr. Daniel Pickering
Mr. Timothy Gorman
Mr. Peter Anderson
Mr. Arthur Hurray
Ms. Alexandra Murata
Mr. John Hanley
Ms. Saranden Seip and Mr. Richard Conti
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Gary
Mr. Seth Silberstein
Mr. Bryan Lopez
Mrs. Monica Lopez
Ms. Carey Reed
Mr. Edward Verling and Mrs. Nicole Bongiorno
Mr. Noah Jones
Mr. John B. Wilson
Mr. James W. Schermerhorn
Mr. Stephen Ryan

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